sagebooks word of the week - 個 and 的

sagebooks word of the week - 個 and 的

The words for this week are 個 (gè) which, according to Pleco is a measure word for 1) individual 2) this 3) that 4) size 5) classifier for people or objects in general or an action 6) indicates approximation when placed before numbers and after a verb… 😦

And 的 (de) which is even harder to explain.

We have been skipping sagebook lessons because our whole family has been battling a terrible RSV for over a month. Finally, we seem to be over it. 🎉

But you can see how excited Lele is to be doing sage books again. 😑 Thankfully, the bribery of playing with legos and rewarding with chocolate cookies yielded in some happy Chinese learning. 🤗

LEGO templates will be posted in the FILES section for members! I’m trying something new with the design. Let me know what you think!

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