About Us

​My husband and I moved to Hong Kong six years ago to expand our family through adoption. Born and raised in California, I had never lived abroad! Hong Kong is an amazingly easy place to transition to for English speaking expats. 


Since bringing home our baby boy, I knew I wanted to him to learn Chinese. Not only because of his heritage, but also because we have an unique opportunity to learn Mandarin while living in a Chinese speaking city. 

However, I have not been very successful in finding books that are easy for me to read and relate to.  Even though I am Chinese in ethnicity, teaching the Chinese language as a non-native speaker proved to be more difficult than I imagined!

So I created Lele and Monkey to share our Chinese learning journey with others but also showcase the beauty of living and growing up in HK. One day we will probably move away and it would be wonderful to have this memory of Hong Kong with us as well.