Amazon Christmas Wishlist for 2022

Amazon Christmas Wishlist for 2022

Lele (age 5) and Meimei (age 2) play with a lot of the same toys. So most of our list are for toys that they can both enjoy!  

HearthSong Jump2It Fold 'n Store Indoor Trampoline

I'm always looking for toys that will help burn off all that energy my kids seem to never run out of. These two looked pretty fantastic. We aren't big fans of trampolines because of all the potential injuries that might occur... but the ones with handles seem to be a little bit better.

Kidzlane Dance Mat

This reminds me so much of DDR. But without a screen!


PicassoTiles 128 Piece Race Car Track 

Lele received a set of these cars earlier this year and we are definitely getting him a second set. It keeps both him and Meimei busy for hours!!

Leapfrog Leapstart

Both Lele and Meimei have been really interested in their Leapfrog Leapstarts. They especially love the 3D one because it has a small screen, like a mini tv.

Because of that, I prefer the one that doesn’t have the screen. And it’s also a lot cheaper!


I like it because the kids can really use these for a long time. These are great for age 2-6. And it's good for teaching kids to read as well as growing in math and critical thinking skills!



Lele is really interested in audiobooks and comic books right now. So these are some items that we added to his list.

For Meimei, she's really absorbing words right now. So these bilingual first word books will be really useful!


I also really loved these workbooks when Lele was a toddler. I found them in Chinese in Taiwan and HK, and here are the English versions.


Both Lele and Meimei LOVE sticker books and this brand actually occupies both of them really well. I usually use them during church services and it can occupy both of them for at least 30-45 minutes! It's really unique because the sticker and scenery are side by side.


For Lele

Lele is ready to graduate from Duplos to Legos and he's been doing really well with these small kits. I really like the Creator 3in1 ones because it's like three toys in one! And the City ones are really cute!


He's also really into Hot Wheels right now and requested cars for Christmas. I decided to get him this advent calendar and it's been his favorite so far!



For Meimei

While she and Lele usually play with the same toys together, there are a few things that we like to do with her... especially puzzles! She's mastered two piece puzzles so we are starting to challenge her with four piece ones. The large foam floor puzzles are also great and fun for toddlers!


And for her advent calendar, we got her this dress up one. She just LOVES to dress up!

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