Sagebooks Word of the Week - 高

Sagebooks Word of the Week - 高

The word for this week is… 高(gāo) which, according to Pleco means “tall; high (opp. 低)”.

We skipped Chinese last week because we had a staycation. But I found out that Lele actually has two days off from school this week… so we really should have had the staycation this week. BUT no more slacking in Chinese! It’s too easy for me to drop the ball…

高 was a bit harder for Lele to remember so hopefully these activities will really help him retain the word.

You can download the photo files for these activities HERE!

LEGO When I think about the word 高, I imagine building a very very tall tower. With legos. So naturally, I thought, why not try building the word with Legos (duplos)? This obviously won’t work for all Chinese characters but we’ll try our best with the simple ones.

PUZZLE I designed the laminated word poster in @canva and printed it in a big version as well as a half sheet version. I made the smaller one into a simple puzzle to help Lele think about the shape of the word.

STAMP Lele hasn’t used these DIY foam stamps yet but I was sooo excited to try it out and see that they actually work! It’s so fun to watch your own imagination/concepts come to life! I also don’t know if I can do this with all the words (it was surprisingly difficult to get 高 to show clearly) but we will try!


The picture files for these activities can be downloaded HERE!

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